“ELCEN” brand crane duty motors are specially designed for frequent starts / stops & reversing required in cranes & lifts of all types. They can also be used in applications such as material handling weirs & sluices auxiliary motors in rolling mills or wherever intermittent drives are required.


Castings: “ELCEN” crane duty motor’s housings & endshields are made from high quality castings as per IS: 210. All components are machined to correct accuracy & alignment.

Terminal Box: Standard location of terminal box is on box is on top. However the terminal box on right or left side can be provided on request. The terminal box can be rotated in steps of 90º in each position. Motors up to 250 frames have aluminum boxes whereas frames 280 & 315 are with cast iron terminal boxes.

Winding & Protection: All motors are wound with super enameled dual coast copper wires. This enable motors to be used for inverter applications as well.

Features like vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) & PTC thermistors embedded in stator winding can be provided on request.

Stampings: Stampings are made from low loss high permeability steel.

Earthing terminals : Two earthing terminals are provided one in the terminal box & other on the motor body.

Anti-condensation Heater: To avaid moisture accumulation accumulation inside the motor, the motor windings can be heated by connecting 4-10% of rated voltage to the motor terminals. This will generate enough heat equivalent to 20-25% of rated current. Alternatively any method as described in IS:900 can be used. Motor can also be offered with space heaters on request for frames 100 & above.


These motors can also be supplied with integral electromagnetic DC fail safe brakes with built in rectifiers for frames up to 200L.


KW : 0.18 to 45 kW
RPM : 1500, 1000, 750
Mounting : Foot (B3), Flange (B5), Face (B14) & combinations
Frame : 71 to 225M
Voltage : 415V+_ 10% or as required
Frequency : 50Hz +_ 5% or as required
Ambient : 45C. (Refer Table 1)
Altitude : Upto 1000m above msl (Refer Table 2)
Rotor type : Squirrel cage aluminium die cast
Enclosure : Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC)
Protection : Ip55
Insl. Class : Class F insulation with temp. rise limited to class B
Duty cycle : S3, S4 & S5
Standards : IS: 325, IS: 1231, IS: 2223 & IS:4722


When placing an enquiry, please furnish the following details;
- Application details
- Motor power & speed
- Voltage & frequency variations
- Mounting
- No. of Start / Stops per hour with duty & CDF
- Load GD2 at motor speed
- Load torque or torque / speed curve of driven equipment
- Duty cycle diagram if other than those described herein