Use of custom built motors many times results in make the application much easier, cost competitive of maintenance free. “ELCEN” has excelled in developing and manufacturing custom built motors. Motors with non standard flanges, Shaft dimensions or mounting bases can be manufacturing custom built motors. Motors with non standard flanges, shaft dimensions or mounting bases can be manufactured in economically attractive quantities. Different duty cycles at different speeds in dual speed motors OR different torque speed characteristic motors can be manufactured economically as well.

For special positioning purposes “ELCEN” has developed a dual speed brake motor with continuous duty at higher speed (power) and short time duty at lower speed (power) in 71 frame. Typically the motor starts at 0.18 kW/400 RPM continuous duty (S1). When it reaches near to the required position the motor rating will change to 0.09kW/670 RPM for a short time (S2 duty) of a second or two. Once it reaches the final position, it stops immediately with brake. With this mechanism, the positioning accuracy can be increased by 60% better.

For Stirrer applications ELCEN developed an extended shaft motor which eliminates the coupling, bearing housing and reduces a lot of mounting structure, which in turn reduces the overall cost and manufacturing time. AS the unit has less components, maintenance is also reduced.

Compact machines like humidifires of similar where motor it self can become the frame for the mounting of other parts and components of the machine and can make the machine versatile and easy to operate.

“ELCEN” manufactures Vibrator Motors to suit the requirements of specific machines. The custom built vibrator motor are designed to suits the mounting and dismantling of the motor. “ELCEN” Vibrator Motors are widely applicable because of adjustable amplitude of vibration.