Torque motors are special induction motors with specific stall torque – speed characteristic curve. Torque Motors have high Slip Characteristic which can be smartly used in winder application, may it be plastic film or metallic wire. “ELCEN” make Torque Motor is a precision designed, of robust constriction and is noted for its reliability in worst operating conditions. These motors are available in IEC frame size as wall as modified Mechanical frames for special applications. Special frames as per customer requirement are also available.

A standard squirrel cage motor tries to maintain the speed as it is loaded while a Torque motor will drop in speed as it is loaded. The desired speed can also be achieved by varying supply voltage.


HDPE Tapes, Monofilament- yarns, Box Strapping

All types of extruded plastic films Rubberised Fabrics, textiles 20 to 100Hz, 50 to 250 V, flange mounting type.

Copper Wires from 8 SWG.

S.S. Wires from 8 SWG to 43 SWG.

S.S. Wires/ M.S. Wires

Strips of Copper, Mild Steel etc.